We provide a range of specialized photography and videography services to suit any wedding occasion. We cover everything from on-location shooting to aerial shots! .
When  near and dear ones are unable to make it to an event, we offer live streaming service where the entire event is broadcasted live at a specific url over the internet so that anyone sitting anywhere in the world can join in and view the extravaganzas. Exceptional quality checks are done to ensure proper transmission of both video and audio to allow first hand true and beautiful experience of the event, even for those who are not able to be a part of it.... .
The actual bonding between a newly-wed couple takes place after the wedding is over and the last guest has left. Take beautiful shots of the couple together - holding hands, walking in the park or just sitting close to each other sharing a memorable time - with the post-wedding shoot. Our team take best portraits for you. Post marriage, Couple tend to decorate their homes with their wedding photos, Mostly shot during Post wedding shoot, or may be during any other key occasion in wedding.. .
Simple, Accented or Stylish Formats Available in Hardback, Handmade varieties Very High – Quality Paper Optional Coffee-Table Albums and Parent Albums Seamless Spread, usually Landscape layout Optional Leather Carry Box Custom Theme Options available.For album prints we usually use the best metallic paper available. In case you want a different choice, we’ve got 8 different paper options, and 11 different album cover options.. We also provide customized albums, magazine style albums and traditional style albums, for those who demand it..
The wedding is a day you never want to forget and choosing a really good wedding photographer is your own decision. Seenai Photography in India is the most budget-friendly wedding photographers. .
Photos shot through the candid approach are probably most realistic form of photography/videography, when the people being shot are at their natural best – irrespective of their emotional state. .